One voice…one vision…one goal making one team. From the administration to the teachers, we are staking our future on our collective strength. Grade level teams enable us to bring our individual expertise into a single entity to act on behalf of the child. Our Non-negotiable begin with “No one makes a significant decision about a child independently” and ends with, “Without great teachers, nothing else matters.” Teaming is the totality of that vision.

Beginning in kindergarten, students and parents are introduced to the concept of grade level teaming. The process continues to support the educational and social needs of the child through the next 13 years of public education. When a child leaves us, our goal is singular: Every child will be academically and functionally prepared for college.

To that end, the team will vehemently maintain the academic day as “sacred time” for learning, planning, observing, and assessing the fidelity of instruction knowing that PSSA standards are minimal levels of achievement for all students. It’s non-negotiable.

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