Bonnie Rosamilia


Classroom Rules


The only classroom rule that I have is – RESPECT. Respect for your school; respect for others; respect for yourself.

Plagiarism of any kind (using someone else’s work as one’s own) WILL NOT be tolerated. Any incident of plagiarism will result in a zero for that assignment. If a student plagiarizes on a project or essay, this grade (which is usually more than a homework assignment) may result in a student failing that marking period. Plagiarism includes copying homework or a notebook. Multiple cases of plagiarism will be dealt with more severely on a case-by-case basis. All essays must be submitted through the plagiarism website.




12th Grade Academic English 

This class will use reading, writing, listening, and speaking to prepare students for a freshman English literature or composition class in college. There will be a focus on literature and how to write an analysis of the basic parts of this literature. In addition, there will be vocabulary, grammar review, written responses, oral presentations, and media presentations throughout the year.

AP English – Literature and Composition 

This course in Advanced Placement Literature and Writing is designed so that the student can take the AP Literature and Writing Exam near the end of the year, pass this exame with the required score, and earn college credits before attending college. This class is designed so students can hone their writing skills, learn to write a concise analytical response, improve their use and ability to identify figurative language, and do all of this within a structured time period. Students will be reading several novels, plays, short stories, and poetry and responding with a critical analysis to each of these works. This course requires dedication and lots of hard work.

Applied English – In this class we will be practicing reading comprehension, pronunciation, spelling, and writing as ways of communicating. The class will be reading several novels throughout the year as well as short stories, newspaper/magazine articles, and doing projects/assignments on these.


Club and Activities


Mrs. Rosamilia is the advisor for the following clubs and activities at our school:
Class Adviser for Class of 2015 – Mr. Allison and I are class advisers for the Class of 2015.  Our class officers are Carter Alexander, President;  Megan Allison, Vice President;  Laura Rook, Treasurer;  Logan Wein, Secretary;  and Kelcy Coppola, Historian.


AP Summer Reading

Each student was given a copy of each of the following books to read over the summer. For each of these novels, you will need to complete at least three entries in a journal for EACH book – that’s a minimum of twelve journal entries. Each journal entry should be at least one full page typed, double-spaced or at least one and one-half pages handwritten, single-spaced. A journal entry is a reflection on what you have read – not a summary. Ask yourself questions about what you have read; make predictions; think about the characters and how they may begin to act or react; what does the setting have to do with this novel; draw a parallel to something else you have read. Also be sure to find at least 10 vocabulary words from each of these four novels and make a vocabulary section to your journal. For each word – write down its part of speech, its definition, and an original sentence using the word. These are all due the first day of school in the 2014-2015 school year.

  • Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
  • A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
  • 1984 by George Orwell
  • The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

In addition, you have been asked to create a 50 line poem in which you retell the story of any one of these novels – from start to finish – so it must include the conclusion of the novel. Rhyming the entire poem is not necessary, but you should be include some rhyme. Within your poem you need to include at least seven literary devices (preferably seven different devices). These should be highlighted or in a different color with an explanation of each of thse devices. You will also need a cover sheet for this poem. The cover sheet should have the name of the book centered. In the bottom right corner place your name, my name, and the date of the first day of school (the due date). Your cover should also include a picture (not from a movie or internet version of the story) and color.

Hope you have an enjoyable summer and have some fun with the reading. This will give us a common basis on which to do some of the review/teaching for the AP test. The best place to start is with some common classics! Enjoy your summer!


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