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American Politics & Economics

American Politics & Economics is designed for senior high Social Science students. Students will investigate the American government and its political process for one semester and principles of economics for a second semester. This year long course will emphasize the functions and purpose of the government of the United States as well as key concepts in micro and macroeconomics. Focus of study will include bureaucracy, the legislative process, checks & balances, federalism, civil rights & liberties, constitutionality, supply & demand, elasticity, economic determinants, GDP, GNP, productivity, and future possibilities.


AP United States Government & Politics

AP US Government and Politics is designed for 12th grade Social Science students committed to college-level rigor. Students will form concentrated evaluations of the American Governmental legacy and the United States political process. This 34 week course will emphasize the structure and function of the United States Government as directly and indirectly provided in the Constitution. Further study will focus on the civil rights, liberties, and interests of peoples, parties, and various social groups.


American Politics Reading

Students should keep pace with the assigned/required reading assignments and expect a brief check-for-understanding quiz at the beginning of the class period that each reading assignment is to be completed by. Reading Due Date:

09.06.2014 Pages 94-99
09.07.2014 Pages 100-102
09.10.2014 Pages 107-109 (Begin with “Cooperative Federalism”)
09.11.2014 Pages 111-114
01.06.2015 Pages 214-219
01.07.2015 Pages 220-226
01.08.2015 Pages 228-236
01.09.2015 Pages 170-178
01.12.2015 Pages 122-129
01.13.2015 Pages 242-246
01.14.2015 Pages 247-252
01.15.2015 Pages 253-260
01.16.2015 MindMap for the American Public Due
05.06.2015 Pages 273-284
05.09.2015 Pages 330-337
05.10.2015 Pages 338-342
05.11.2015 Pages 285-290
05.12.2015 JIGSAW pages 297-324
(Groups will be assigned pages the day before due)
Pages 343-356 utilized in class as a supplement

American Politics and Economics Documents  


American Politics and Economics Quizzes, Projects and Exams

Daily Quizzes approximately each day or whenever there is new substantial information (3-50 points) Multiple Choice.

Exam #1: The Policy-making System, Revolutionary Timeline & Characteristics of the American Government
(Friday October 3rd)

Exam #2: American Federalism (Friday November 14th)

Test #1: US Constitution (Wednesday December 17th)

Civic Virtue Project: Part 1 due (Tuesday January 20th) – Part 2 due March TBA

Political Participation Sales Pitch (Monday February 2nd)

Public Political Participation Exam#3: (Friday February 13th)

Political Action/Civic Virtue Project: (Monday March 16th)

Political Institutions Exam: (Tuesday April 14th)

Intro. to Econ. Quiz (Friday May 1)

Principles of Economics Exam (Wednesday May 20th)

Personal Economics Project (Friday May 22nd)


AP US Government Quizzes, Projects and Exams

Quizzes – DAILY (typically 5-20 multiple choice questions)

Exam #1 – Constitutional Underpinnings –
——————————-(40 multiple choice & 1 FRQ)
Monday OR Tuesday (TBA) September 29/30

Test – US Constitution’s Articles & Amendments
(15 multiple choice, 7 Articles & 27 Amendments)
Monday OR Tuesday (TBA) September 29/30.

Exam #2 – Federalism
——————————-(40 multiple choice & 1 FRQ)
Thursday October 16th

Exam #3 – Civil Rights & Liberties
——————————-(40 multiple choice & 1 FRQ)
Monday November 24th = M.C. & Tuesday = FRQ

Exam #4 – Public Opinion & Linkage Institutions
——————————-(40 multiple choice & 1 FRQ)
– – – Public Opinion MC Test 12/11/14
– – – – – Linkage Inst. Exam 2/16/15

Exam #5 – Congress, Executive, Budget
——————————-(40 multiple choice & 1 FRQ)
Friday March 20th

Exam #6 – The Bureaucracy & Courts
——————————-(40 multiple choice & 1 FRQ)
Wednesday April 15th

Exam #7 – Policy
——————————(40 multiple choice & 1 FRQ)
Tuesday May 5th

THE 2015 AP U.S. Government & Politics Exam will take place on Tuesday May 12, 2015 @ 8:00am


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