Grade 8 Team

General Announcements 

Student Supplies List

Math:  Scientific calculator, solar powered preferred (approximate cost – $10-$15), Texas Instruments Model TI-30 series calculators work well

Math, Science, Reading:  Each of these three classes needs a 3-ring binder to be used for one subject only;  1′ wide with a hard cover

English:  3-ring binder, 1 1/2″ wide with a hard cover

History:  Single subject notebook;  Separate pocketed folder


Team Contact Time

Every morning, during first period
7:50 am – 8:40 am

Team Members

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. German

Mr. Cremer

Mr. Molino

Mr. German

Mrs. Jones
Learning Support

Mrs. Wagner
Guidance Counselor

Homework Request

To whomever requests homework assignments to be left in the office for pick-up, we will take time to get the assignments together. Please remember to have someone pick them up so your child may complete the homework when absent.

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