Emergency Response Procedures

Below are the general procedures in place to address safety and security.  Please take time to review them with your student(s). If after doing so you have specific questions or comments, please contact your building principal.

School Entrance/Exit

All schools will continue to have secure, camera-monitored entrances. Parents, students, and visitors are required to enter through designated entry doors once school begins. Before admission, visitors may be asked their name and reason for admission. Additional identification in the form of a driver’s license may also be requested if the secretary or principal does not recognize you.

Visitor Identification/Registration

Every person who requests access to a school building must sign the visitor log book and must wear a school-provided visitor identification card.

Student/Employee Photo Identification

All students will be provided with a photo identification card and lanyard. Students in kindergarten through grade six are required to wear their identification cards during the school day. Students in grades seven through twelve are required to have their identification cards in their possession during the school day.

All employees must wear their district provided identification card during the school day.

Parking Identification

Employees and students must display a school-issued vehicle identification tag while parked on school property.

Video Monitoring

All video cameras are now accessible through secure, remote internet connections to district administration and law enforcement. In addition, large TV monitors are installed where easily visible by building principals and district administration.

Keyless Door Locks

Door locks are  installed on every classroom and office door. These keyless locks engage from inside the classroom to prevent access, but still allow for exit. The locks are approved by fire and safety officials for school use.

Emergency Response Procedures

The district’s Emergency Response Plan was extensively revised during this process. The plan addresses a wide range of emergencies from power failures, water-main breaks, gas leaks, chemical spills, and structure fires, in addition to threats of violence.

Consistent with law enforcement recommendations, if the emergency requires a building-wide action, we now have three responses:

1.      Perimeter Lock-Down

a.       All students are moved inside the building. Buildings are secured.  School day may continue as normal inside the building.

2.      Lock-Down

a.       All students are moved inside the building to secure classrooms. All doors are locked. Students and staff move to a safe corner of the classroom and wait for further instructions.

3.      Evacuation

a.       Students and staff immediately exit the building to a secure on-site location, another district building, or a predetermined off-campus location.

b.      Fire drills are considered an evacuation response.

Safety Drills

All district schools will conduct three perimeter lock-down and three lock-down drills in addition to routine evacuation (fire) drills. These drills will be done at different times of the day during the school year so that students and staff become familiar with proper procedures in all three situations.

Evacuation (fire) drills are conducted once per month during the school year.

Communicating with Families

Your student’s safety is our first concern. We realize how important communication is with families in the event of a school emergency. The school will rely on the automated call service to notify you of an emergency situation, and if necessary, student pick-up procedures. The automated call system updates daily from our student management software which you can access from any computer. It is very important that you keep accurate phone numbers, text numbers, email addresses, and home addresses on file with the district. Office staff personnel throughout the district are available to assist you if needed.

These changes were completed in consideration of actual and potential situations that can occur in any public space. The community, through the generous donations of the PTO and private clubs, has been instrumental in this process. On behalf of the board of directors, we appreciate your continued support for the education and safety of students and employees.

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