Substitute Teaching – Certified

Thank you for your interest in substitute teaching. A list of required documents and information is listed below.  The current rate of pay for substitute teaching is $90 per day for the first 20 days of day-to-day substituting. After 20 days, the rate for the remainder of the school year increases to $100 per day. Half day assignments are paid half of the daily rate.

Please visit the Business Office in the Raymond R. Rommelt building between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday to submit your documents and information. Before you can be called or paid as a substitute, you must be Board approved.  Human Resources will submit your name to the School Board for approval after all paperwork is received.

_____     PENNSYLVANIA TEACHING CERTIFICATE – You must provide us a copy of your teaching certificate.  We do not accept letters from colleges or universities stating that you have met the requirements.

_____     PA STATE POLICE CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK (ACT 34) BACKGROUND CHECK – Please provide a printout of your current Act 34 form, dated within one year of hire date.

_____     CHILD ABUSE HISTORY (ACT 151) BACKGROUND CHECK – Please provide a printout of your current Act 151 form, dated within one year of hire date.

_____     FBI (ACT 114) BACKGROUND CHECK – After completing the application and fingerprinting requirements, please provide the registration ID# to allow us to access the report.  This must be within one year of hire date.

 _____    ACT 126 CERTIFICATION – Mandated Child Abuse Training – this can be completed through the University of Pittsburgh’s free webinar.



_____     LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION – We prefer three letters of recommendation.



_____     TUBERCULIN TEST – Must be administered within three months.


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