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Building Relationships

Every child needs to feel appreciated, valued, and safe. schools are ideally situated to form deep relationships with students and their families. however, the need to become a trauma‐informed school is an increasing necessity for large and small schools alike.

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Learning Amplifiers

The tools available to students can significantly amplify the power of teaching and the depth of learning by engaging students. engaged students persist longer and try harder. resource options in the hands of students, provides opportunities for choice and risk.

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Encourage Risk

Failure is an option, as is success. risk is the courage to try and be willing to learn from either outcome. Students, teachers, and district leaders need the freedom to take risks with novel ideas in the pursuit of deeper learning.

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Innovative Learning

Modern tools enable and modern work environments demand learner focused schools that encourage risk, promote collaboration, support open access to information, and incorporate real-world application across disciplines.

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