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School Size

The PA Department of Education has divided schools into groups based on student enrollment and set positive case thresholds for each size of school.   Central Elementary and Rommelt Elementary are classified as SMALL SCHOOLS with <500 students.  The JR / SR High School is a MEDIUM SCHOOL with 500-900 students.  The threshold case number for Central and Rommelt Elementary (SMALL SCHOOLS) is 2-4 persons and for the JR / SR High School (MEDIUM) is 4-6 persons.

COIVD-19 Positive Cases & Fourteen (14) Day Rolling Total 

PDE requires districts to track the total number of positive cases of COVID-19 for each school building.  A “case”, as defined by the CDC, is any person, who is positive or presumed positive for COVID-19, and was present in school during a period of infection.  This includes students, teachers, support staff and custodians as examples.

The total case number resets to zero (0) when there is 3 or more days off for in-person instruction for a normal break or when the building is closed for a period of time for deep cleaning and contact tracing.  For example, on a normal weekend that also includes a Monday Act 80 Day, weather day, etc., all buildings would start school on Tuesday with a zero (0) case count.

Decision to Close School

The decision to close a school will be considered when a building case count reaches the minimum number (Central / RRR = 2; JR / SR High School = 3) and must be closed when it reaches or exceeds the maximum threshold number (Central / RRR = 4; JR / SR High School = 5).  Buildings will be closed based on the time needed to thoroughly clean, complete close contact notifications, and allow the DOH to complete its contact tracing responsibilities.

School Dashboard for Positive Cases Identified (Updated April 20)

The numbers above are the total case count by building over a 14 day rolling total.

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