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Grade 11 Fall Newsletter 2014
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College Application Packet 2014-15


Alphabet Soup of College Admissions



American College Test. College entrance examination. Tests Math, Social Studies, English, and Science.



Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. This exam is required in order to enlist in the military. Also a good tool for helping students decide what kind of career they would be good at based on their interests, skills and values.



School code number. South Williamsport’s is 395325.


Early Action

Similar to Early Decision but is not a binding contract and a student does not need to withdraw other applications if accepted.


Early Admissions

A student is accepted and attends college instead of attending their senior year of high school.


Early Decision

A college will decide to accept a student early (usually in December). The student must withdraw any other applications. This is a binding contract.



Free Application Federal Student Aid. This is the required application for most financial aid.



Financial Aid form required by some private colleges. A list of these colleges is available in the guidance office.



Grade Point Average. A numeric average of all of a students’ high school grades.



Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. A practice SAT exam taken in October of a students Junior year. High scores may qualify students for National Merit Scholarships.



Scholastic Aptitude Test. College entrance examination, math and verbal questions only.



College entrance examination. Subject specific. Student needs to research which colleges require these exams.



Tuition Assistance Program for college.


Grade 11 Timeline




  • Review your high school course work and activity plans.
  • Register at and follow “SAT question-of-the-day” on Twitter.
  • Keep in mind that colleges look for the following:
    Challenging course work
    GPA (Grade Point Average)
    How you spend your free time:

    • sports and other extracurricular activities
    • volunteer work
    • church and/or community involvement
    • employment




  • Identify the sources of college and career information in school. Start looking through guidance publications, college catalogs and guidebooks.
  • Put together a list of 10-15 colleges that you would like to attend. Plan to apply to 3-5 schools.
  • Talk to your parents, along with your high school counselor, and other adults, about where you want to go to school.
  • Study for and register to take, the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT).
  • Start a savings plan (every little bit helps).
  • Attend the College Fair at Lycoming College



  • Read, practice and take the PSAT/NMSQT. (Remember to take your calculator.)




  • Think about college majors and career areas that correspond with your abilities/interests.
  • Continue to research colleges/careers using guidance resources.
  • Talk to your parents and teachers about college interests.




  • PSAT results arrive. Look at the SAT requirements of different schools and compare them to your PSAT results. Work to overcome your areas of weakness.
  • Read SAT I bulletin.
  • Talk with graduates who are home from college.




  • Attend Financial Aid Night.
  • Register for spring SAT I and/or ACT.
  • Search online for colleges.
  • Take Keystones if necessary.




  • Research interesting and challenging summer courses, jobs, or activities.
  • Meet with counselor to discuss 12th grade schedule and future plans.




  • Practice and prepare for College Entrance Examinations (SAT or ACT).
  • Identify colleges you are considering that require the SAT II’ s. Consider registering for the May or June test
  • Know what financial aid is available from private programs.
  • Meet with your counselor to schedule challenging senior year courses.




  • Begin visiting the colleges on your list and do an overnight visit if available.
  • Begin to narrow your college list.
  • Develop a resume.
  • Explore early decision/early action options.




  • Take the SAT or ACT exam.
  • Be aware of SAT I/SAT II and ACT test deadlines and the dates colleges want these tests completed.
  • Identify teachers whom you may ask for recommendations
  • Athletes, register with NCAA Clearinghouse.
  • Take Keystones if necessary




  • If possible obtain a summer job. Save the money for college costs.
  • Schedule visits to colleges over the summer for interviews and information sessions.
  • Job shadow in a career field that interests you.
  • Involve yourself in some “meaningful” activities.
  • Finalize resume.
  • If portfolios will be required for college applications, begin collecting samples.


Free Online SAT Preparation Resources



Khan Academy

Online guided SAT practice, full practice exams, targeted math, reading, and writing practice with videos that show step-by-step solutions for each question.  (Khan Academy also has its own YouTube channel)


CB Practice Test


SAT practice exam directly from the College Board


CB Practice Questions


SAT practice questions directly from the College Board




Diagnostic SAT Exam (timed with ability to pause, graded upon conclusion instantly, solutions provided with video and/or written explanation)




Free Comprehensive SAT Prep Website


ePrep Wordsmith


Wordsmith Challenge (SAT prep game designed to help prepare you for SAT verbal sections)




Tons of SAT practice and study guides from an SAT expert


Ultimate SAT Verbal


Expert blog on how to tackle the SAT verbal section with exercises, grammar rules, critical reading tips, essay writing guide, idiom list, etc.


Major Tests


Hundreds of SAT practice questions with step-by-step explanations of the correct answer for each question.




SAT study guides, practice tests, SAT Wiki, practice questions, test prep videos, flashcards, and cram sheets.


4 Tests


SAT practice exam and questions (allows you to choose content sections to focus on).




Multiple full SAT practice exams


Princeton Review


Register with Princeton Review for free and get access to a free online practice test.


Kaplan Test Prep


Register with Kaplan Test Prep for free and get access to a free online practice test.


Prep Interactive


Prep Interactive SAT tutoring videos.




Hundreds of online quizzes to help study for the SAT


Free Rice


Vocabulary practice questions (for each correct answer the website donates 10 grains of rice to help end global hunger).


2400 Expert Webinars and videos outlining effective SAT strategies to maximize your score


Grade 11 Faculty


Verna Correll

Kevin Eck

Jamie Bloom

JoAnn Kennedy
World Cultures and History

Matt Eisley

Elizabeth Frey

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