Grade 8 Scheduling

Parents, we encourage you to become involved in your child’s education. Throughout the school year, feel free to visit your child’s classroom. Daily grade meetings will be held throughout the school year. During grade team meetings, student progress will be monitored, ways of aiding the teaching process discussed, revisions to curriculum made, and conferences with students to aid academic and social performance held.  If you would like to meet or talk with teachers during a team meeting, please contact any one of his/her teachers.

We hope that this learning experience at the 8th grade level will be a memorable one. It will take work on the parts of both students and faculty to make it a successful year.  The faculty thanks you for allowing us to have an influence on your child’s education.

Grade 8 Faculty


Lisa Laidacker

Denise Smith

Sue Stamm

Chris Molino

Mark German
Civics/American History

Keith Cremer
Physical Science

Leigh Jones

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