Our school participates in the Accelerated Reader Program (AR). AR is a reading incentive program managed by Renaissance Learning, Inc. that rewards students for reading. Students can choose from a variety of titles and then take a computerized comprehension quiz about their book.  The higher their score, the more points they are awarded. Students are encouraged to choose books at their interest level and that are within their reading level as assessed through the STAR assessment.



Now with the Enterprise Program, students have access to over 100,000 titles to quiz from ranging from books written at the kindergarten level all the way through high school.  Students can choose from any book that Renaissance Learning has written a quiz for in order to earn points at our school. They can read books from anywhere, ranging from the public library, home, or our school libraries. Points will earn students prizes and recognition throughout the school year. To check the reading and interest level of any title as well as a brief summary, please click here. To use Book Find click here. Please take the time to check what your child is reading from outside our school libraries to make sure they are age appropriate for your child.



Both Rommelt and Central offer different reward systems for our students.  Students can receive prizes for reading and they are also recognized for their achievements in school. We offer individual prizes as well as classroom prizes.

Central Incentives
Rommelt Incentives

Lycoming Library Service

Our program is also collaborating with the Lycoming Library Service to make our AR lists available from home. When you click on the link down below, you will be taken to the Lycoming Library System. Now that we have purchased the AR Enterprise System, our students have access to all of the AR quizzes made.


Accelerated Reader Program Links

AR Program
Book Find