COVID19 and School Exclusions Reporting 

Weekly Report

On October 8, 2021 the Pennsylvania Department of Health changed its COVID19 reporting requirements for schools.  Beginning on October 8, all Pennsylvania school districts switched from daily reporting of individual case information to weekly reporting of aggregate positive cases and close contacts for each school building.  This information is now submitted to the PA Department of Health each Friday for the previous seven (7) days.

To align with this change in reporting requirements, the district COVID19 reporting page now reflects those same numbers reported to the PA-Department of Health.

Each Friday, this page is updated and an automated email sent to all families with this information at 5:00PM.

To ensure you are receiving this information, please maintain a current email address with the district.

COVID19 Weekly Update

November 29 – December 3, 2021

These numbers include the total number of students and staff reported to the district as positive cases and those who were excluded from school as a result of a school-based close contact.

Central Elementary

Positive Cases (5).  Excluded from School (0)

Rommelt Elementary

Positive Cases (0). Excluded from School (0)

JR/SR High School

Positive Cases (4).  Excluded from School (0)