Reporting of Positive Cases of COVID19 and School Exclusions


This dashboard will serve as the primary vehicle for communication between the South Williamsport Area School District and our community for positive cases and the number of individuals excluded from school due to close contact, in each of our buildings.  The intent is to clearly and transparently keep the community informed of the COVID19 cases and its impact in the schools through school exclusions.

What Is Reported Here:

The cases included in this COVID-19 dashboard that are listed as “positive” are laboratory-verified test results reported to the school district and those presumed positive by the Department of Health or other medical provider.   The COVID-19 dashboard is updated at the end of each business day and reflects all current reported COVID-19 positive and presumed positive results among our students and staff who were in the building and those excluded from school as a result of close contact in-school.  Cases are removed from this dashboard when cleared to return to school.

What Is Not Reported Here:

Not included in the dashboard are students or staff quarantined by the Department of Health and excluded from school as a result of a community, family, or other non-school related contact.  Individuals sent home with symptoms of COVID19 are not reported until confirmed positive.

If you have any questions about the case numbers or need to report a positive case, please email

This page was last updated on September 17, 2021.

Central Elementary

JR / SR High School

Rommelt Elementary