COVID19 and School Exclusions Reporting 

Revisions to Reporting (March 4, 2022)

On February 25, the CDC issued revised guidance for schools and communities for COVID19 case reporting.   This new guidance moves from counting individual cases of infection, to focusing on preventing serious illness and reducing the burden on the health care system.  The Pennsylvania Department of Education supports these changes.

Since mid-January, the district, along with Lycoming County, has experienced a steady decline in cases of COVID19 occurring in schools and in school exclusions as a result of exposure.   Weekly case counts since early February have been less than 3 across the district.

Considering the change in CDC guidance and the minimal disruption to education that we are now seeing in our schools from COVID19, the district will align its COVID19 reporting and communication to families to match the current state of the pandemic.

Beginning today March 4, the district will no longer email families each Friday with the weekly case counts but will continue to update this web site.  Provided that the case counts remain low and the impact on education is minimal, the web site for weekly case counts will be removed in April.

For the past two years the district has strived to achieve transparency through clear and consistent communication to families and staff.  Through different stages of the pandemic, we have adjusted our practices to align with health guidance and community needs.  I believe that this two step reduction in reporting is consistent with our commitment to communicate necessary information to all.

Dr. Mark Stamm


COVID19 Weekly Update

March 25 – March 31, 2022

These numbers include the total number of students and staff reported to the district as positive cases and those who are excluding from school as a result of a school-based close contact.

Central Elementary

Positive Cases (1).  Excluding from School (0)

Rommelt Elementary

Positive Cases (0). Excluding from School (0)

JR/SR High School

Positive Cases (0).  Excluding from School (0)