Accelerated Readers

With Accelerated Readers (AR) up and running in the Rommelt building, take a moment to review the following guidelines of Accelerated Reader so that you may understand the expectations placed upon your child as they work to complete their reading goals!

 Accelerated Reader Guidelines


Students will be placed in the proper reading level using STAR, Accelerated Reader’s own leveling program.

Students will choose books based upon their individual reading level. Any book outside of a students’ level will need to be approved. 

AR is an independent reading program. Students will be given time to read during school, but the majority of their reading will need take place outside of school. Reading 15-20 minutes a night during the week is a reasonable goal.

Students are expected to earn their own AR points. They will be given opportunities to take quizzes at school. All quiz taking will be monitored by a teacher.

Students may take no more than two tests a day and may not test on a previously read book. Example: “I read a book in third grade, now I’m in fifth grade, may I take that quiz?” No, please test on the books you are currently reading.

After quizzing students will print it out, have their teacher initial the results, and file the quiz into their AR folder. This folder may be reviewed at any time by a teacher and shared with you, the parents, to chart your child’s AR success and progress!

Read, quiz and claim rewards. Rewards will be announced by Mr. Tsikitas and the AR staff.

Click here for AR book titles. Each book title are accompanied by a short summary of the text, AR level, and quiz point level. If you have any question please email Kathy Flerlage.


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