Parent Involvement

Just reading with your child fifteen minutes to twenty minutes a day will greatly improve their reading capabilities. Your involvement will directly impact your child’s reading achievement so make reading with them a priority in your home each and every night.

As you are reading, ask your child questions, make predictions about the plot, make personal connections and/or discuss what the story is about before, during and after every so you can be sure that they are understanding the story’s content. Try some of the following techniques to make reading fun and to help your child become a better reader:

  • Paired Reading –  read side by side chorally together.

  • Repeated Readings of texts-  reread the same “just right” book with your child to build fluency and confidence.

  • Tape-recorded texts – reading and listening at the same time.

  • Partner Reading- taking turns reading pages throughout a book aloud.

  • Echo Reading –  parent reads a page and child echoes the same page back aloud.  Parent is modeling the fluent reading first and child models it right after the parent.


The Seven Keys to Comprehension


Click the here to download/view Susan Zimmerman and Chryse Hutchins’s power point on The Seven Keys to Comprehension. After viewing each slide think about how you can apply each step to when you are reading with your child.



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