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  1. Mountie Cheer Squad Wins District 4 Medium Varsity Title
  2. Lady Mountie Basketball advance to PIAA AA State Playoffs
  3. Bobby Gardner Advances to PIAA State Wrestling Championships!

Event Attendance – Pandemic Restrictions

Capacity Restrictions for In-Door Spaces

As required by the PA Department of Health, in-door event attendance is restricted to 10% capacity.  Capacity is determined by total square footage of floor space.  The high school main gym capacity is set at 600 persons.  At 10%, this allows 60 persons to be inside the main gym at one time.  PA-DOH states every person (athlete, coach, referee, security, etc.) counts toward that capacity threshold.

Event Attendance

The district’s approved health and safety plan for athletics directs that admission to events is allocated as described below.

Event attendance will be determined by groups below ensuring limits on maximum occupancy and physical distancing can be maintained as required by state orders

  • Group 1 – Student participants, coaches, officials, event staff, medical staff, security
  • Group 2 – Parents / Guardians
  • Group 3 – Non-Participating Students, Other School Staff, General Admission, Media, etc.


Prior to each event, the Athletic Director must count every individual in Group 1 for both the home and the away team.  Team sizes from different schools impact the total number.  If there is fewer than 60 persons from Group 1, tickets are offered to individuals in Group 2 starting with the parents/guardians of SWASD Senior Athletes.  Once all SWASD Senior Athletes are provided one (1) ticket, remaining tickets are offered to other SWASD participating athletes parents/guardians.

Prior to each event, the Athletic Director notifies the head coaches by email of the total number of participants from Group 1 and any available tickets for Group 2.

Live Streaming of Events

Since we are unable to accommodate all those who wish to attend district events, every home event is now live streamed.  Any individual can access and view the game through the district’s YouTube channel at