Positive Behavior Interventions Support at Central Elementary School

Originating from the U.S. Department of Education, PBIS supports schools for implementing a multi-tiered approach to social, emotional and behavior support. The broad purpose of PBIS is to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and equity of schools. PBIS improves social, emotional, and academic outcomes for all students.  There is clear evidence that when students monitor and regulate their own behavior, they learn more.

The express purpose of PBIS is to teach every student how to respond appropriately in different settings through explicit expectations, enthusiastic support, and consistent consequences.

The success of our program rests upon fidelity of implementation everywhere and consistent transparent communication with families. Throughout the process, Central Elementary has, and will continue to, provide staff trainings to increase consistency throughout the building.

Our plan focuses on five key areas based on SOUTH:

  • Stay Safe

  • Obey Rules

  • Use Kindness

  • Take Responsibility

  • Have Respect

Learning consists of two components, equally important: rewards and consequences.  Rewards and incentives reinforce desired behaviors.  Those that need changed, will at times need to be discouraged through consequences. Students who demonstrate desired behavior will be rewarded with success in school, respect from others, personal recognition, and participation in school-wide events. Consequences will always start minimal with direct re-teaching and follow a progressive path of interventions as necessary.  Clear consistent communication governs the program at all levels between all stakeholders.

This guide outlines the component parts of the PBIS program.  Please refer to it as needed to ensure each of us are using the program as intended.  If you have questions, ask any member of the PBIS core team to help.

PBIS Core Team

Resources Guide

PBIS Program Guide
Lesson Plans
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