The facility use policy creates a clear pathway for groups and organizations inside and outside the community to request permission to use district facilities.  As always, school district events and activities take precedence, but if available, groups now have a uniform application process to follow.  Fees are assessed to certain groups based on the facility requested, whether additional staff are needed, and for equipment rental.

Gymnasium Update

Due to the high volume of use by district athletics and other district events, the gymnasiums at the JR / SR High School and RRR are available to use by community groups on a limited basis.  Community groups may request use of the JR / SR High School MAIN and AUXILIARY gyms on Sundays from 8AM – 12PM or the Rommelt Elementary gym on Wednesdays from 5PM – 9PM.  To check availability, please email the Athletic Director Mr. Scott Hill.


Before beginning a facility use request, each group must read the district Facility Use Policy.  As part of the application process each group is required to acknowledge they have read and understand the terms and limitations of using district facilities.  Once the policy is reviewed, follow the link at the bottom of the page for accessing the Facility Use Request program.  Request are only accepted through this web site.

Policy 707 – Facility Use

New Users

If you do not already have an account for facility use, you must create a new user account first.  This request must be approved by the district.  You will be notified by email once approved.  The approval email will contain your login information.   You will then be able to submit facility requests.


A calendar is available for all district facilities that are available for use.  Please review the calendar before submitting a request.  Please note, Gymnasiums do not appear on the community use calendar (see section above: Gymnasium Update).

New Users and Current User Log In
Facility Use Schedule