In the Fall of 2018, the Board of Directors interviewed 13 architecture firms to complete a district-wide feasibility study.  The prior study was completed with the last facility renovation project in 1999 / 2002.  From that group of 13, the board selected McKissick Architecture.  McKissick began their preliminary work in January 2019 which included facility inspections, enrollment data trends, facility usage, meetings with borough officials, and extensive interviews with parents, community members, and all district staff.  The finalized feasibility study was presented to the school board in November 2019 and McKissick began to work on the more detailed designs anticipating the project would move into construction in late 2020 or 2021.
As a result of the pandemic, work with McKissick was suspended in May, 2020 for 90 days and later extended indefinitely.


In September 2021, the board sought to return to the facility renovation plan and directed McKissick to re-form the original Building Advisory Team to review, and if necessary revise the original proposal from November, 2019.  The Building Advisory Team is a 20 member stakeholder committee including board members, district administration, teachers from each building, parents, and a student.  That committee worked through November, December, and into January, 2022 to form a revised facility plan recommendation to the Board.  The revised plan was presented to the board at its Work Session on January 10, 2022.  That new plan is posted below.

September 2022

In September 2022, the Board directed McKissick to come up with new options based on current economic conditions.  McKissick brought back options based on

  1. Current Configuration (K-4 at Central; 5-6 at Rommelt; 7-12 at High School)
  2. K-5 option at Central; 6-12 option at High School
  3. K-6 option at Central; 7-12 option at High School

The School Board reviewed the presented options and voted to look further at Option 1 & Option 3.  Below are the .pdf printouts of the two options the board has moved forward with in getting construction bids for.  The board will make a final decision in the Spring on which option is best for the District both educationally and financially.

E-1 Option (Current Configuration) – Nov. 2022
E-3 Option (K-6 Configuration) – Nov. 2022