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For Alumni, Current Students, and the Community.

The purpose of this organization is to recognize and celebrate those alumni who have achieved excellence in their professional and personal lives, who have made outstanding contributions to society, and who have served as role models for youth.  By recognizing the achievements of past graduates, it is the expectation that present students will be encouraged to excel scholastically and be motivated to participate in community service.

Additionally, this program will increase awareness and appreciation throughout the district for the value of academic preparation experienced within the local schools and become a source for school and community pride.


Election to this organization is an honor bestowed on deserving alumni who have submitted the required documentation for nomination and who have, in the opinion of the Selection Committee, met the criteria for induction.


  • Graduated, minimally, 10 years prior to nomination
  • Excelled in career and /or achieved local, state, national, or international recognition
  • Embodies the qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, and character
  • Demonstrates goals are achieved through persistence, dedication, and knowledge
  • Maintains high moral standards and serves as a role model for youth
  • Brought recognition to South Williamsport Area School District through accomplishments
  • Deceased eligible candidates may be nominated

Selection of Members

Procedure for nomination. Nominator submits a candidate’s resume and reference letter to the Selection Committee no later than 11/30. Submitted résumés must include:

  • Short biography of nominee
  • List of achievements relating to “Eligibility” above
  • Two references other than that submitted by nominator

Mail nomination materials to:

South Williamsport Area JR / SR High School
Co: Alumni Hall of Fame / Mr. Manny Tsikitas
700 Percy Street
South Williamsport, PA 17702

Submission Deadline

Submission of completed resume packet is November 30th each year.

Induction Ceremony

Induction of new members occurs during Senior Awards Night in May.

General Questions

For general questions please contact Mr. Manny Tsikitas at

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