In the summer of 2020, the South Williamsport Area School District launched a digital learning initiative for students and in staff.  Start-up money for this program was provided through federal dollars for ensuring continuity of educational services in response to the COVID-19.   The district’s comprehensive strategic plan includes specific pieces for innovative learning through development of technology.  This initiative, although spurred by a global pandemic, is consistent with our core mission to educate every student every day.

At the start of the school year, every student, teacher, and classroom paraprofessional will be issued an Apple iPad for use during the school day and at home to support learning for every student every day.  The resources and links on the page are meant to assist everyone with using these devises, developing content, and engaging in learning.

We are excited about what this opportunity provides and eager to see how students and teachers leverage these devices and programs to take teaching and learning to new heights.

Instructional Resources for All Teachers

Apple Teacher Resources
Microsoft Educator Courses
Promethean Educator Training
Hybrid Learning with Promethean

Program Resources (K-4)

Class DOJO
DOJO for Teachers
DOJO for Parents
Classkick – Intro Video
Classkick – Teachers
Classkick – Families

Program Resources (5-12)

Office 365 Login
MS 365 – Quick Start Guides
MS – Teams
MS – OneDrive
MS – Forms
MS – Stream for Videos