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Welcome to Senior Year!

While you may think this day would never come, it is finally here and your year could fly by in an instant! Make sure to read through this page so you have a greater understanding of how to best manage your future plans after graduation. Now is the time to ask questions, seek answers, and take calculated risks about what it means to be more than a high school student.

If you haven’t already checked out our Standardized Testing page, be sure to do so to make sure you have met the Keystone Graduation Pathway Requirements (starting with the Class of 2022)!

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Sending Transcripts

Legally, I need permission from a parent/guardian to send an official transcript to any college, NCAA, military, or employer. Below is a copy of our Transcript Request Form, which we ask all students to fill out and return to the Counseling Office prior to needing a transcript sent (to prevent any delays).

Remember, Mrs. Wagner needs AT LEAST 1 WEEK to process paperwork, so do not give her any



Each year, there are MILLIONS of scholarship dollars available to seniors across the United States. It does take some work, but the effort is well worth the reward! Be sure to check out our updated list of scholarships below for the Class of 2021.

Starting in January or February, scholarships that are specific for our county and school district will be available.


Financial Aid

From books and meals plans to housing and tuition, paying for post-secondary education can get expensive! Knowing that not all financial aid needs to be paid back (think scholarships and grants!) means your degree is less than you think!

Try not to look at the sticker price of colleges until after you’ve been accepted and know your financial aid package. Between work-study, federal and state loans, 529 Plans, and numerous other means of paying for school, the cost may surprise you.

Our newsletters have the most up-to-date information regarding financial. We also host a Financial Aid Night and FAFSA Completion Night each fall.