We are pleased to announce the addition of a free benefit for you and your family members: an Employee Assistance Program — or EAP, for short.  All district employees have access to this benefit.

Your EAP offers a broad array of tools and services to help with problems that might affect your personal or work life.

Just a few examples of these include:

Marriage & Family ▪ Stress ▪ Legal Problems ▪ Debt ▪ Childcare ▪ Elder Care ▪ Grief Pet Problems ▪ Education Planning ▪ Scholarships ▪ Depression ▪ Taxes ▪ Wills ▪

Smoking Cessation ▪ Wellness ▪ Adoption ▪ Substance Abuse ▪ Mental Health ▪ Divorce

In addition, your EAP offers thousands of personal and professional development opportunities, from over 8,000 trainings to one-on-one telephonic coaching in the following areas:

Certified Financial Coaching Balancing Life at Work & Home Resilience Effective Communication Home Purchasing Student Debt Yoga & Relaxation for Beginners

Workplace Conflict Retirement Succeeding as a Supervisor

Your EAP also provides a comprehensive Wellness Coaching benefit designed to help you tackle issues that are most detrimental to your overall health and well-being. The program includes assistance with: losing weight, improving nutrition, getting fit, stopping tobacco use, and reducing stress.

To access your EAP, simply call the toll-free number 1-800-252-4555 to talk with a counselor or coach who will work with you to address your issues. You can also visit your EAP online at www.EducatorsEAP.com for thousands of problem-solving resources and self-help tools.

Your EAP is a free benefit and your confidentiality is assured. No information about your use of the program is given to us as your employer unless you sign a release of information authorizing this.