Payroll Forms and Information

Dear Employee:

Below are required payroll forms.  Any missing or incomplete forms will result in a delay in payment for your services.

Payroll Info Sheet – Please fill out completely.

Form W-4 – Please indicate your filing status and allowances so that federal taxes are properly withheld.

Certificate of Residency – Please complete your address, municipality and school district of where you live. A listing of PSD codes and local tax rates for Lycoming County addresses can be found here.  Otherwise, you can find your PSD code and tax rate on the Municipal Statistics website.

Form I-9 – Please complete and sign section 1. Return it with copies of acceptable documents (listed on page 4 of the pdf).  Typically, people use either their passport, or driver’s license and social security card.

Direct Deposit Form – It is South Williamsport District policy that payroll payments are direct deposit. Please complete the form and attach a voided check.

Send your completed forms to: South Williamsport Area School District; Attn: Jamie Mowrey; 515 W. Central Avenue; South Williamsport, PA 17702 or email to


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