Federal Tax 

To change your federal tax withholding, complete Form W-4.  If you need assistance in completing your Form W-4, please reach out to tax accountant.

Local Tax

If you move, you will need to complete a new Local Tax Form to ensure the proper tax rate is withheld.  For your convenience, here is a listing of PSD codes for Lycoming County.

Direct Deposit

All employees are required to be paid via Direct Deposit.  If you need to update your banking information, please use the Direct Deposit Form.

I-9 Form

All employees are required to have an I-9 form on file prior to beginning work.  Complete the I-9 Form and submit it to the Business Office, along with proper documents as listed on page 3 of the PDF.  The most popular options are either a passport or a driver’s license & Social Security Card.

General Employee Information

All employees must complete the General Employee Information Form.