South Williamsport Area Education Foundation

The South Williamsport Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to expanding educational opportunities for students through the allocation of Educational Improvement Grants.

What is the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program?

PA Act 4 of 2001 provides for the establishment of the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) to be administered by the Department of Community Development. The Act authorizes the award of tax credits to businesses that make a contribution to educational improvement foundations like South Williamsport’s. These foundations in turn may award scholarships or grants to support innovative educational programs. An innovative program is defined by the act as advanced academic or similar program that is not part of the regular academic program of a public school but that enhances the curriculum or academic program for the school.

What are the guidelines?

The PA Department of Community and Economic Development, which directs the program guidelines, states that grants must target instruction, programs or other activities that:

  • integrates with the instructional program of the school
  • provides a different focus, delivery, including internet-based and distance learning technologies, methodology or skill training than is provided in a typical academic program of a public school
  • supplements, reconstructs or involves major revision to the curriculum or academic program of the public school.
  • offered separately from the public school curriculum or academic program.
  • offered before or after public school hours, on weekends, as a year-round program and/or as an extension of the public school year.
  • offered as a standards-based program of instruction that operates outside of the length and time requirements of the public school, but which meets the minimum hours or days of instruction required by state law.
  • use of specialized instructional materials, instructors or instruction not provided by a public school.
  • use of internships and other work-based learning opportunities for a student that supplements the curriculum or academic program of a student and provides a student with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the academic program.
  • re-configuring, renovating or equipping a facility that is owned by a public school in order to create a specialized environment that is integral and necessary to the operation of an innovative educational program.

Recent Grants Awarded:

  • Construction of the Mountie Lodge, a school store operated by the high school Business Education department – Adam Rupert
  • Visiting author – Numerous grants for visiting authors have been awarded – Manny Tsikitas
  • Tour of the Philadelphia Museum of Art to study specific pieces of art and meet with curator – Betsy Jones
  • Bullet trajectory kits  for a new Forensics course – Ashley Wiley
  • Motion sensors for use with Ti-83 graphing calculators for all high school math teachers – Jamie Bloom

How do I apply?

Applicants must complete the attached grant application and submit it for the appropriate signatures.  Applicants are encouraged to talk with any prior recipients, their department chair, or the superintendent for suggestions.

EITC Application