Electronic Submission – PATCH
Fee: $22.00 (Note: Fee is subject to change, check the website below for current fee).

Be sure to use a computer with access to a printer, results must be printed immediately.

The Pennsylvania State Police established a web-based computer application called “Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History” or PATCH. Using this system, a requester can apply for a criminal background check on an individual basis.

Go to this website (https://epatch.pa.gov/home) and click on “Submit a New Record Check” and enter your information. The information provided by the requester will be checked against the criminal history database maintained by the Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository.

Immediately after submission of the requests one of the following statuses will be assigned to the request:

  1. No Record: If this status is assigned to the request it is the user’s responsibility to double click on the control number. This will take the user to the details screen where the user will click on the blue hyper link, “Certification Form”, near the center of the page. By clicking on “Certification Form”, a certified no record form will be displayed in PDF format. This form should be printed and submitted to the School District.
  2. Request Under Review: If this status is assigned to the request, the user must periodically check the PATCH web site to determine the final status of the request. A status of “Request Under Review”, will result in one of the following final status:
    • No Record: Follow the instructions above for a no record response.
    • Record: Indicates the person has a record and a record response has been mailed to the address provided.
  3. Pending: This status is occasionally assigned when traffic is extremely heavy and requires the user to check back at a later time. A request should not remain in pending status for more than 24 hours. If a request remains in pending status for more than 24 hours call the PATCH Help Line toll-free at 1-888-QUERY-PA (1-888-783-7972).



Paper Submission via US Mail
Fee: $22.00

Applicants may also use Form SP4-164, Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Check.  This form may be acquired from the District Office, Pennsylvania State Police Barracks or from the Pennsylvania State Police website.

This form, along with payment (money order or certified check only; no personal checks), can be submitted to:

Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository – 164
1800 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9758